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We are beekeepers located in Aravalli Hills region (Kherli, District: Alwar, Rajasthan). Our founder Mr. Ravi Sharma has been doing beekeeping since 1994. He started beekeeping with 43 beehives only. That was a time when only a few knew about beekeeping. There was a lack of knowledge and support in this field. India was practicing traditional beekeeping only.

But after 2005, scientific beekeeping was introduced which improved the quality and quantity of production further and he adopted this and started inviting other farmers to join also. Many men and women (some of them were even struggling for their livelihood) joined him.

During this period, a couple of times we lost many beehives due to some natural calamities but he did not give up and worked hard to increase the colonies further. His long enough journey gave him expertise and experience in this field of honey and other bee products. And today, he is our mentor and the back bone of Aravali Honey family.

Now, his second generation has also joined Aravali Honey Industries with our vision widened further. Our vision is to provide best possible 100% pure and natural honey and honey bee by products to the people and encourage more people to join us.

Today, we have more than 5200 own bee boxes and a vast network (though we are more than a family) of beekeepers (currently more than 1100). New beekeepers are joining us daily. These beekeepers are from different parts of India and have been with us through-out this journey as a friend of us.

We follow migratory beekeeping in which we migrate our bee boxes to many places to source a wide variety of honey in various states like Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir etc.

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