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Are you searching for the Raw natural honey supplier and manufacturer? Look nowhere else! Our organic honey is pure, raw, and simply wonderful. We are one of India’s top organic honey manufacturers in India. We are passionate about bee farming and committed to using sustainable methods to provide you the best of nature’s finest gift, straight from our bee farm honey to your table. We take pleasure in providing raw honey & natural honey that is bursting with sweetness as one of the top bulk honey providers in the sector. 

Bulk natural honey export quality honey​

We are beekeepers since 1994

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We give the best quality honey from our Bee farms

  We supply in Bulk Organic, Unadulterated and 100 % pure natural honey and wild honey and other bee products too. Our honey is lab tested from prestigious national and international labs to maintain the best quality.

  We are beekeepers (28+ years of experience) by profession which makes us farmer cum manufacturer. We practice scientific beekeeping to ensure good quality and quantity of honey production. 

   Here, at Aravali Honey Industries, all the national and international food quality management standards are followed to make it hygienic and qualitative. read more about us


Our Method: Producing honey in a maintainable and bee-friendly manner

We view the bees as essential partners in the production of honey at our bee farm. Our beekeepers honey, with several years of experience, makes sure that the natural environment is safe and environmentally acceptable for the well-being of our bees to flourish. What happened? The intricate dance that bees and environment execute is symbolized by honey, which is more than just a product.       

Bee Farming: We begin our adventure at our bee farm honey, where we provide a safe environment for our bees to flourish. We raise the caliber of our honey by protecting their habitats and providing them with access to a range of floral resources.

Harvesting: We carefully harvest honey using a delicate method, with the utmost care. Due to the skillful methods our skilled beekeepers honey utilize, none of the bees or their queens are harmed, and we are able to give you honey that is as close to the place of production as possible.

Purity Assurance: Our honey is put through extensive quality inspections to make sure it meets our high standards. We take pride in providing honey-based goods free of any artificial additives or chemicals.

Our Offerings: Organic honey manufactured in India​

We help you in

  1. Being beekeepers, we provide the best quality harvested honey.
  2. We provide guidance from (packaging to selling) if you are starting a honey brand or business
  3. Ideas for selling, branding and packaging.
  4. Provide Content for their branding.
  5. Share our expertise and experience with you.
  6. Why to get your supplies from a trader or wholesaler when you can source it directly from the bee farmers.
  7. Brand specific and market-oriented guidance (first, we understand your brand and its vision and then, we help you with the most suitable solution.)

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services we offer

We produce a range of various honey , beeswax, bee pollen, royal jelly, propolis and beekeeping equipment. Our services include:

  1. Bulk honey (raw & processed both) in Food grade bulk packaging i.e., 30 kg, 50 kg, 100 kg, 300 kg.
  2. Third party manufacturing or private labelling (MOQ of 10,000 kg)
  3. We supply to various honey brands, pharmaceuticals, Ayurvedic companies, meaderies and cosmetic manufactures.
  4. Supply raw honey to the reputed exporters and manufacturers.
  5. To know more about our products and their process click here

Organic Honey

You will have the opportunity to taste honey in its purest form thanks to our dedication to organic honey manufacturers in India practices. Because we use appropriate beekeeping and honey harvesting techniques that protect the ecosystem and its biodiversity, we can produce best organic honey.

Natural Honey

Our selection of organic honey-related goods reflects our commitment to preserving the true essence of honey. Enjoy the complex flavours and smells that nature can only offer by selecting natural honey suppliers

Raw Honey

Our raw honey collection is a gold mine for anybody looking for honey manufacturer in India in its most natural, unadulterated form. The diverse fragrances and health benefits of raw honey are evident in every container. If you're seeking for honey in its purest, most natural form, go no further than our assortment of organic honey. 

The Advantages of Choosing Us as Your Raw Honey Supplier for Quality, Variety, and Sustainability

  • Uncompromised Quality: We recognize the reputation of offering honey products that are not only tasty but also packed with health advantages. With our unwavering dedication to perfection, you will only get the finest.
  • Sustainability: We are firmly committed to using sustainable practices on our bee farm. By choosing our honey, you help preserve our world by promoting ecologically sustainable beekeeping practices.
  • Variety: Our extensive selection of products appeals to all palates, whether you prefer the bold flavors of raw honey or the delicate taste of natural honey.
  • Bulk Orders: We can complete small and large orders without sacrificing quality since we are reputable bulk honey providers. We are your trustworthy partner whether you are a store or a distributor.
Our Product

Honey Varieties

Depending upon the floral source and Bee type honey has a wide range of varieties differing in taste, color and aroma.

Apiary Honey

Apis Mellifera Honey ( 25 + ) varieties

Wild Honey

Apis Dorsatta Honey ( 5 + ) varieties

Worldwide Reach:​ Exporting the deliciousness and purity of Indian honey

Our commitment to quality has made us reputable honey exporters. We like presenting people from all over the world to Indian honey’s purity and the deliciousness of our bee farm honey.  

Learn about the power of honey that hasn’t been altered by synthetic additions or procedures. Join us in our dedication to preserve the craft of beekeeping and enjoy honey that was produced with affection from the hive to the jar.

Look how we do it

Click below to know everything from harvesting to processing.

contact us Exceptional, Diverse, and Sustainable honey manufacturers

Are you prepared to taste honey in its purest form? To place your purchases or learn more about our beekeeping procedures, get in touch with us right away. We’re here to answer your questions and share the splendor of nature’s most magnificent gift. 

our final thoughts

While taking part in a range of mouthwatering honey treats, peruse our assortment of raw, natural, and organic honey products. We urge you to taste the true flavour of natural, pure honey that is cultivated by the dedication of our devoted beekeepers honey as a reputable honey manufacturers in India, honey and supplier in India. 



The path we travel, as a raw natural honey wholesaler and dealer from beekeeping to honey collection is a monument to how nature and mankind can coexist while yet generating a very exceptional product. To experience the deliciousness of honey that is as near to the beehive as it gets, place your orders right now. 

Amongst Our Fellow Beekeepers


Sonu Sharma

Age : 27, Rajasthan (Beehives : 586)

Praveen Chauhan

Age : 43, Uttar Pradesh (Beehives : 461)

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Pure, raw, and amazing organic honey, raw honey, and natural honey products are what we have to offer. We use environmentally friendly, biodiversity-preserving techniques to make our organic honey. With a variety of scents and health advantages, our raw honey is honey in its purest, most natural form. We use honey that retains the real essence of nature to create our natural honey products.

Through bee farming to processing to purity assurance, we carefully follow a method to guarantee the quality and purity of our honey products. By protecting their habitats and allowing them access to a range of floral materials, we provide our bees a safe place to thrive. When we gather the honey, we employ proper methods that don't hurt the bees or their colonies. Every drop of our honey is subject to rigorous quality checks to ensure that it lives up to our high standards.  

Because we provide uncompromised quality, sustainability, diversity, and bulk orders, you should select our honey products above those of competitors. With our unwavering dedication to perfection, you will only get the finest. By encouraging ecologically sound beekeeping techniques, you will also aid in protecting our planet. You will also appreciate the unique, nuanced scents and odours that only nature can provide. Whether you are a distributor or a retailer, we can execute both small and big orders without compromising quality.

Get in touch with us right immediately to place an order for our honey products or discover the details of our beekeeping procedures. We're here to address your concerns and impart the beauty of nature's greatest gift. On our website, you may also go through our selection of raw, organic, and natural honey products.

A number of nations throughout the world are recipients of our honey exports. We like showing off the quality and sweetness of our bee farm's honey to visitors from all over the world. As producers and exporters of honey, we rank among the best in India.   

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