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Infused Natural Honey combines the highest quality raw honey with the essence of natural components such as fruits, herbs, and spices. This amazing blend creates a symphony of flavors in every golden drop. Carefully crafted, it keeps the natural sweetness of honey while adding a pleasant twist. Infused Natural Honey exemplifies the art of improving nature’s gift by combining taste and well-being in a single, delightful jar. Aravali Honey Industries is one of the leading infused natural honey suppliers that strives to provide the highest quality honey.


Infused natural honey is a type of natural honey that is made by infusing natural and organic items with natural honey. Our infused natural honey is prepared by placing the chosen ingredient into a container with honey, allowing the flavors and aromas to meld over time. It is free from any artificial flavor, essence and extract. Our infused natural honey is available in the following variants:

Infused natural honey is also a natural honey but it is produced by infusing natural and organic products with base as any natural honey. We never use any flavors, extracts or essence in our infused honey. Only natural products are used with natural honey.

Infused Natural Honey Usage :

  1. Very popular in online Indian market.
  2. These are honey with enhanced properties and taste.
  3. Could be used in direct consumption and medicines.
  4. Could be used as a direct end product or complementary in other products.

** Below are the Infusions we produce and their photos.

S.No. Honey Type
1. Cinnamon Honey
2. Lemon Honey
3. Ginger Honey
4. Vanilla Honey
5. Ashwagandha Honey
6. Coffee Honey
7. Amla Honey
8. Moringa Honey
9. Chocolate Honey

We Are 100% Pure Infused Natural Honey Suppliers.

Our infused natural honey has been formed with the help of the best infusion techniques while maintaining the highest quality standards. Our honey is of the highest quality and can be used as a sweetener in various culinary applications or desserts. It can also be added to teas, beverages, and cocktails to enhance their flavor profiles. 

Honey, also known as “liquid gold,” has been used as a natural sweetener and cure for generations. Infused natural honey by Aravali Honey Industries is a harmonious combination of raw honey and carefully chosen botanicals like cinnamon, lemon, or other natural herbs and fruits.

This fusion allows the individual essences of these botanicals to meld with honey over time and produces a symphony of flavors that delight the taste receptors while providing a slew of possible health benefits. This is done using a cold infusion method, in which the selected ingredients are steeped in honey without being heated, thus maintaining the integrity of the honey and the added components. 

As Infused Natural Honey wholesalers and dealers, we provide the highest quality of honey to our clients, thus providing them an assurance of our quality and safety.

We are FSSAI Certified Bulk Honey Suppliers

As infused natural honey is FSSAI-certified for quality and safety. This indicates that we take quality seriously and our honey meets the highest safety and purity standards. As Infused Natural Honey manufacturers and suppliers, we cater to a varied clientele globally and only deal in bulk supply of honey. Aravali Honey Industries provides 100% raw infused natural honey from the purest sources possible, and the FSSAI certification is a testament to your dedication to delivering safe and genuine honey. The FSSAI certification of our honey is a testament to the quality standards we maintain in our manufacturing processes.

The adaptability of infused natural honey is one of its most impressive characteristics. Infused honey has loads of health benefits to offer. The sweet and spicy blend of our infused honey adds a delightful flavor to your culinary delights. From cinnamon to lemon and vanilla to chocolate, we offer different flavors to cater to different taste buds. These honey infusions may turn a simple cup of tea into a relaxing ritual that your customers will relish.

We Produce The Nature's Finest Infused Natural Honey:

The infusion procedures of Aravali’s infused natural honey not only add unique flavors but can also enhance the potential health benefits of honey. Many of the herbs and botanicals used in infusions have medicinal characteristics. For example, ginger-infused honey may have anti-inflammatory properties, whereas amla-infused honey may have immune-boosting properties. It should be noted that the specific advantages vary depending on the components utilized and the amounts present in the final product.

Creating infused natural honey may be an art form, with artists experimenting with different flavors and benefits to find the perfect mix. Cinnamon for warmth, rosemary for a hint of piney aroma, or even citrus zest for a zing of freshness are all choices.

Why Choose Aravalli Honey Industries As Infused Natural Honey Wholesalers and Dealers?

Given its natural cures and healing properties, infused natural honey is becoming increasingly popular in global markets. People are drawn to it not only for its culinary possibilities but also because of its ability to improve well-being. When purchasing infused natural honey, it is important to choose nothing but the best. Infused natural honey at Aravali Honey Industries is prepared with natural additives using high-quality standards and ethical practices. We provide 100% pure infused natural honey to our clientele.

Our infused natural honey is a tribute to the centuries-old heritage of honey-making that we have carried for generations. Our expertise in mixing flavors and offering a delightful and unique taste experience is what sets our product apart from our competitors. Our honey not only makes it to the kitchens but is also used in various medicinal preparations globally. So, elevate your offerings with our premium organic infused natural honey. As your trusted B2B infused natural honey supplier, we promise to deliver you the rich handcrafted flavors that your customers will thank you for.


Depending on the ingredients used, infused honey can offer different health benefits. Honey that contains ginger or turmeric can also have anti-inflammatory effects. 

We ensure that only high-quality, organic honey from our farms are being used for infusions. Also infusion of ingredients is done in a slow and gradual manner leading to a superior quality to the infused honey.

We have 10 varieties of infused honey which offers numerous health benefits. Cinnamon,Lemon,Ginger,Ashwagandha,Moringa and Amla are known for its medicinal values. Vanilla,Coffee and Chocolate are loved for its delightful tastes.

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