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Wild Forest Honey: Embrace the Essence of the Wild

Aravali Honey Industries presents to you the Wild Forest Honey, true wilderness ambrosia from unspoiled natural settings. This golden elixir is made by bees from various wildflowers, encapsulating wild flavors. Organic wild forest honey is produced by our wild bees Apis Dorsata, and is known for its wholesome and authentic taste. It is high in antioxidants and nutrients, reminding us of the raw beauty of our pristine ecosystems.

We at Aravali Honey Industries are wild forest honey suppliers in India. We fetch organic wild forest honey from honey hunters and tenders harvesting wild honey from the different forest in india. We supply wild honey in bulk to several suppliers across India.

Exploring the Richness of Aravali’s Wild Forest Honey

A delectable gem is methodically manufactured by nature’s most industrious pollinators in the center of unspoiled woodlands and expansive landscapes. Wild forest honey is a genuine expression of the different ecosystems from which it is derived and provides a delectable flavor, a multitude of nutrients and health advantages. As wild forest honey manufacturers in India, we produce the highest quality pristine raw wild forest honey to our clientele nationwide.

Our Wild Forest Honey is made by bees from various wildflowers, encapsulating wild flavors. Organic Honey manufacturers across India often use gelatin and other chemicals to lend that jelly-like texture to their honey. We, however, only invest in true pure honey production procedures and are the second-generation raw natural honey manufacturers and wholesalers in India.

Wild Forest Honey

Wild honey is produced by our wild bees i.e., Apis Dorsata. This honey is collected in forest areas. We collect it through honey hunters and tenders. Wild bees live in their own made beehives/ honeycombs at trees. We collect Wild honey from various states like Shivpuri Forest (M.P.), Aravali Hills (Rajasthan), Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve (Rajasthan).


  1. Now a days, wild honey is very popular, best selling and organic in nature. This honey is popular in both online and offline market.
  2. Used in direct consumption, food processing, Cosmetics and medicines.
  3. Used as a direct end product or complementary in other products
** Below are the photos and videos of wild honey that we collect:

Wild Forest Honey From Aravali Honey Industries

Our wild forest honey is a one-of-a-kind elixir packed with nutrients derived from the various floral sources from which the bees collect nectar. It is mostly composed of natural sugars such as glucose and fructose, which provide a quick and natural energy boost. These sugars, while prevalent, do not entirely characterize the nutritional composition of honey. Wild forest honey from Aravali Honey Industries is an unrivaled natural product due to its sophisticated blend of carbohydrates, trace minerals, vitamins, enzymes, and antioxidants.

Aravalli Honey symbolizes purity and authenticity in a world where processed goods and artificial additives have become the norm. Aravalli Honey has built a position for itself as a brand that brings nature’s raw, untamed beauty directly to your table. We at Aravalli Honey are the wild forest honey suppliers offering bulk quantities of raw wild forest honey to businesses across India. We are a trusted source for businesses seeking pure, natural, and organic honey. We at Aravalli only provide bulk quantities of our honey to other businesses.

We are FSSAI Certified Natural Honey Suppliers

As an organic honey manufacturer, Aravali Honey has been accredited with the FSSAI certification for our wild forest honey. This showcases the quality of the honey we offer other businesses. Our products carry the true nectar of wildflowers and are certified by the FSSAI. The quality of our honey is a testament unto itself to the level of purity we have achieved over the years.

Why Choose Us As Your Bulk Honey Suppliers

What distinguishes Aravali Honey Industries is its dedication to conserving the delicate balance of the forest. Each drop of honey harvested from the deep recesses of the Aravalli mountain range tells the story of a healthy ecology unspoiled by human meddling. The bees that make this liquid gold feed on a wide variety of wildflowers, herbs, and plants, resulting in honey that is as flavorful and nutritious.

Aravali Honey Industries is not just a brand but a trip into the heart of nature. The honey is methodically harvested using environmentally friendly methods that cause as little damage to the bees as possible. Our honey captures the soul of the woodlands, carrying the wild nectars within it. 

We at Aravalli Honey take pride in offering you the purest and most authentic wild forest honey straight from the heart of nature. We partner with local beekeepers who use ethical and sustainable practices, ensuring that the natural ecosystem remains undisturbed. This honey enriches every experience, whether used as an ingredient in culinary masterpieces or as a solo delight. Its natural sweetness, paired with its raw and uncooked nature, makes it a potent superfood that should not be overlooked. We ensure to preserve our honey’s natural enzymes, antioxidants, and other beneficial compounds, making it a true powerhouse of nutrition.

Indulge in the richness of our diverse flora with every offering of Aravali Honey Industries. It’s more than just honey; it’s a dedication to the raw, pure, and sustainable.

Your Trusted B2B Partners For Wild Forest Honey

The nutritious value of wild forest honey goes beyond its pleasant taste. Our honey comes with a diverse array of bioactive chemicals that contribute to its overall value. Antioxidants such as polyphenols and flavonoids are prevalent in wild forest honey that helps neutralize damaging free radicals, potentially lowering the risk of chronic diseases and improving general health.

Wild forest honey by Aravali Honey Industries contains enzymes such as amylase and invertase, aiding digestion and sugar breakdown. Trace elements such as potassium, magnesium, and calcium enhance its nutritional value. These minerals help with various biological activities, such as nerve transmission, muscular contraction, and bone health.

We at Aravali Honey Industries are your reliable B2B partner for a consistent and reliable supply of premium wild forest honey. Whether you’re a retailer or a food manufacturer, we’ve got you covered with bulk quantities that maintain our high standards.


Wild forest honey sets itself apart owing to its origins. Wild honey is collected from undisturbed parts of the forests and it encompasses a broader array of botanical origins, thereby giving it an intricate flavor and promising health benefits. 

Aravali Honey's Organic wild forest honey contains a greater variety of nutrients, antioxidants, and enzymes than its synthetic counterpart. Being an FSSAI Certified Natural Honey supplier, one can expect pure, unadulterated honey that is harvested using sustainable methods. Our wild forest honey is a superfood that gives a boost to your immune system.

Yes, You can refer to 'Our Beekeeping Migratory Routes' to learn about the places we migrate. We provide that transparency to our clients and ensure our products are ethically sourced.

B2B customers can view our contact details through the 'Contact Us' page on our website. Feel free to fill out the details in the form and we shall get in touch with you.

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