How do we assure quality ?

As food is the first necessity of every human being, it is also necessary to ensure its quality. And honey is not only a food, it is a superfood which fulfils many essential needs of our body Here, at Aravali Honey Industries, we follow every possible measure to maintain the quality of honey and all the bee products.

1. Harvest Level

The task of maintaining quality of honey starts at the bee farm itself. From a hygienic harvest to providing hygienic conditions for storage is a part of it. We always survey and choose the best nectar field to migrate and harvest ripened and sugar free, pesticides free, and antibiotics free honey.

2. Storage Level:

Honey should always be stored at room temperature and a dry place. Excess of water or moisture into honey can deteriorate its quality and it can get fermented. The honeybees also seal the honeycomb with a wax cap or layer to ensure quality.

That is why we always seal our buckets of honey while storing so that no outer moisture enters. This provides to honey, a natural condition that is available in a beehive by the bees.

3. Filtration Level:

As we all know, filtration is the only process needed before packaging any natural honey. Thus, we use a triple filtration strategy. Which are:
i. Filtration or screening at the bee farm while harvesting.
ii. Dual Filtration (micro sized filters) at the time of storing honey into tanks.
iii. The final filtration at the time of packaging or filling into containers.

4. Quality Check Level:

At the last stage, we get our honey lab tested from prestigious national and international laboratories before supplying, to deliver the best quality natural honey.


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