Honey Production Process

Honey is a natural product which do not require any processing except filtration to remove any kind of debris and unwanted substances out of it. Although pasteurization is also necessary to kill harmful bacteria but we can supply both types of honey as per your demand.

Depending on the process of filtration, honey has two types. Namely, ‘Raw honey’ and ‘Processed honey’.

1. Raw Honey :

As the name suggests, it is a form,

  1. as it is harvested and collected at our farms.
  2. Raw honey does not involve any pasteurization.
  3. Raw honey is simply filtered by a clean cloth and a steel mesh.
  4. The moisture of raw honey is not controlled and an ideal range is between 19-20 % (greater than processed honey).

2. Processed or Pasteurized Honey :

“Processed honey is not adulterated honey”

Processed honey is different from raw honey as follows:

  1. It involves pasteurizing that is done to kill any harmful bacteria or germs.
  2. Filtered by machine by filters of pore size 10 microns.
  3. Moisture reduction is also done to remove some water content and make the honey thick (usually between 17.5 % to 18.5 % or as required by the client).

So, we can supply any natural honey as raw or processed depending on your requirement.

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