Ravi Sharma

Our Founder

"Save The Bees, Save The Earth"

Hello friends,

                          I entered into beekeeping in 1994. That time, I started with 40 beehives and currently looking after more than 5200 bee boxes. I had a lot of ups & downs but these made me learn a lot about beekeeping and valuable bee products. This has been a wonderful journey of experience and expertise to me which I would love to share with everyone through our initiative “Aravali Honey Industries”.

                          We at Aravali Honey Industries are involved in every step of honey production i.e., we are Bee farmers + processors + packagers + Suppliers.

                          In today’s time, health consciousness has been increased but people are stuck in a busy life schedule. As a solution to these concerns and problems, bee products are an amazing natural gift from our pollinators ‘the honeybees’.

                          Hygiene and all other food safety standards are followed here at Aravali Honey Industries. We have made a small contribution by starting Aravali Honey Industries to help honey traders, brands and other manufacturers and thus the end consumers, get good quality natural honey and other bee products directly from beekeepers. Because availability of a good product is always a backbone of any company.

                           So, If you want to start your journey in honey and bee products, we welcome you at Aravali Honey Industries. We would love to share our 25+ years of long journey and experience with you.

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