Honey Varieties Types and Tastes You Need to Know

Have you ever wondered about the different types of honey and honey manufacturers and wondered which one will be the best fit for you? 

Honey is a precious elixir that is produced by bees and carefully sourced by beekeepers from diverse landscapes. So, what makes each honey different? Different types of honey are produced from different flower sources, but did you know that even if it was extracted from the same flower in the same location, its taste could still differ by a considerable margin? In this blog, we will talk about the various varieties of honey and their origins. We will also discuss some trusted organic honey manufacturers to help you find the best quality honey.  

What is Organic Honey?


This natural sweetener is a saturated sugar solution. Honey is a highly desired food because of the distinctive (yet changeable) combination of ingredients it contains. Almost all of the world’s population has consumed it as food for at least 6000 years, primarily as a sweet source. Inscriptions on a Sumerian tablet from between 2100 and 2000 BC, the first known written record of honey, suggest its usage as an ointment and a medicine. 

In earlier civilizations, several natural honey suppliers supplied beekeepers’ honey for medicinal preparations.

Of the roughly 20,000 species of bees, six to eleven species make honey. The most common species of honey-making bees is Apis mellifera, which consumes nectar from flowers and repeatedly mixes it with its salivary enzymes (diastase and invertase) to create honey.


Let us now talk about different types of honey that are frequently used for consumption:


Types of Honey




Apiary honey is a delectable, thick substance crafted by bees through the transformation of nectar derived from blossoms. Natural apiary honey is used worldwide among the ancient and widely favored unrefined sweeteners. Besides its delightful taste, it is also known for its wellness benefits.


The process of collection and handling of organic apiary honey remains a task for those dedicated to beekeeping. These individuals carefully tend to the hives, ensuring the vitality and effectiveness of the honeybees. Following the honey extraction from the beehives, the honey is typically drawn out from the comb and subjected to filtration to eliminate any potential trace of wax, debris, or bee components. As part of the customary routine, the apiary honey manufacturers then subject the honey to a certain heat level, a procedure designed to eliminate humidity.


Wild Forest Honey


Wild forest honey gets this name since it is made from the nectar of wildflowers. The flavor and composition of organic wild forest honey alter with the seasons. Beekeepers skilfully remove the honeycomb from the hive, careful not to injure or disturb the bees. The flowers from which the honey is extracted determine the honey’s color, flavor, and thickness. 


Although wild forest honey has myriad merits, it can become challenging to produce. Deforestation, habitat loss, and climate change can impact the delicate balance of habitats where bees thrive. When buying wild forest honey, one should ensure it is authentic and sourced from reliable wild forest honey suppliers.


Infused Natural Honey


Infused natural honey is a sensory experience that wakes the taste receptors and satisfies the senses. Infused natural honey manufacturers use different infusions, such as cinnamon, lavender, vanilla bean, etc., to add flavors and wellness benefits to honey. While vanilla bean gives honey a calming sweetness, citrus zest can give it a vibrant burst of freshness. 

The skill of making infused natural honey calls for a careful balancing act between patience and ingenuity. Usually, the procedure involves slowly bringing the honey to a temperature where its viscosity enables it to combine effortlessly with the other ingredients. Infused Natural Honey suppliers must ensure that only high-quality honey is combined with a carefully chosen blend of herbs, spices, fruits, and botanicals.

Summing Up:


So, next time you want to relish the sugary goodness of honey, spare a second to admire the dedication and hard work of beekeepers that every droplet conceals. If you are looking for bulk honey suppliers, then we at Aravali Honey are the second generation of beekeepers, practicing scientific beekeeping for over 28 years. We manufacture and supply raw natural honey sourced directly from our beehives. 

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